Naked Before The World... In a Lifetime Movie!

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Me in the garage where there was munchies and hot drinks for crew.

When I was going through the absolute hell of divorce and infidelity, I remember people offered supportive words like, “Hang in there, things will get better” and “You never know what great things might lay around the corner.”

But my God, my God, my God (shaking head)…I never imagined my road would eventually lead to THIS.

I just got back from Ottawa where I was on the set of a movie being made about MY life post-divorce.  That’s right – a MOVIE.   About me…little ol me; just a former stay-at-home mom of three kids, whose entire world, six years ago, was so pulverized, she didn’t even want to get out of bed, let alone forge a new career and identity for herself.

The movie is based on my memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom, which, I must add, was an ordeal in writing unto itself: I didn’t even know if I was capable of writing a book, let alone writing one that merited publishing,  I also had major reservations around exposing my dating/ sex life to the world.  So when Seal Press boughot divorced mom, Ashley Jones, Delaine Mooreht it, I celebrated; I’d dared to take a big risk and do what I thought was impossible.  I’d miraculously achieved a goal — and I thought that was the end of the journey.

But a few months ago, Lifetime exercised a movie option on it.  And right now, at this very moment, it continues to be filmed, with Ashley Jones, starring in it as me. ME.  Little ol me.  And I’m dumbfounded where to put this experience:

For as I stood on set this past week and saw with my own two eyes the money, the people, the actors, the equipment, the BIGNESS of my personal history come to life, I was overwhelmed. It’s like I’d entered the Twilight Zone.  Everyone was so respectful, inundated with me questions, wanted photos taken with me, hell, there was even a trailer outside with my name on it.  What the…?  What does one even do with such an experience, it all just seemed surreal…

And so I’m writing this today with a sweeping sense of surrender to the highs, lows and unexpectedness of life.  My humility is vast, as are my feelings of gratitude and awe.  To have gone from a place of complete despair, fear, even hopelessness; to have been tested again and again and again, one things after the next for YEARS, only to arrive here – to THIS, is well…beyond my comprehension.

I am just a regular, average, every day woman and mom.  I didn’t think any of this was possible.  Yet here it is.  It’s real.  And I hope my journey helps give you faith in a bigger picture for your life, even if it’s unclear, or you have no idea what it holds. All the grief and sorrow you are experiencing will one day be filled with joy.

And having just returned home from the movie set, I feel like I’ve come out of the Twilight Zone.

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Cynthia, me and Ashley


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