An Imagination Game for Men: You, A Woman, & An Island

Posted on September 16, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

tropical-island-man-and-woman-end-of-daysI think it’s safe to say that the majority of men have strong aversions to women who have “slept around” when it comes to selecting a wife or serious partner.  They’ll say, straight up, such women are  “just for fun”, but not the kind they’d “bring home to momma.” And the reasons men use to support their beliefs include:

1)  A woman who has had many partners (“many”, in their eyes, could mean anywhere from 8 to 100) is soiled, dirty, and has nothing else to offer except her body.

2)  A ‘slutty woman’ lacks self-respect, thus, why should a man respect her?

3)  Her sluttiness reflects poorly on him; makes him look like he couldn’t do “any better” so-to-speak, in the eyes of others.

Now I’m not writing this piece to overtly challenge men’s judgements. In fact, I’m going to completely quiet.  But what I am going to do is ask of men to play a little ‘imagination game’ with me.  For when I put the following scenario in front of five of my male friends, they all chose the same response – and I’m curious to see if it was a fluke.

Let’s say the end of the world is about to happen.  Like two minutes from now.  You are going to be the sole survivor with the exception of one female, which you now are being forced to choose.

In front of you, stand your two potential post-end-of-days mates.  Both are very attractive, healthy and physically fit.  Both are intelligent, fun and possess a personality that greatly appeals to you.  In fact, so similar are these women, you’d think they were one in the same.

Ah, but there is one difference between them…  Someone now whispers in your ear than the one on the left has had less than three partners – actually, she may even be a virgin!  The one on the right, however, has had “more partners,” exact quantity unknown.  “But,” the voice whispers, “She loves sex, is confident about her body, and she’s known to be open to sexual exploration and kink.”

Which one would you chose, guys?  Don’t overthink it, make a choice.  The countdown clock is ticking…

Of my male friends, all of whom were divorced by the way, all chose the second woman. They all agreed that the first woman is more of a risk; too big a gamble; that her sexual inexperience *may* result in her not meeting his sexual wants/hopes/needs; that as long as they didn’t have to worry about other people judging him for his choice, they’d be “relieved” to be with her.

All my male friends further confessed to having had relations with a woman like the first one in some, shape, way or form during their lives – and ended up sexually frustrated and disillusioned.

It was just an imagination game we played… but a poignant one, don’t you think?

I know which person I’d have chosen if the sexes were reversed for this imagination game.



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