Dating Games Women Play That Don’t Work

Posted on September 17, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

stupid games women play while dating

stupid games women play while dating

Some games women play while dating may seem wise and to be based on nuggets of truth — but at the core, they serve to justify deception instead of building authenticity and love; they’re similar yet worlds apart.  Let’s turn the games into good advice:


Game #1: Don’t return his calls and he’ll want you more.

Good advice:  Return his phone calls and texts, but don’t drop everything for him and make him the center of your existence.


Game #2:  Dress , speak and flirt in a manner to seduce him.

Good Advice:  Be careful not to pursue a man more than he is pursuing you.  It is his job to pursue you; it is your job to attract his interest.  A woman can easily seduce a man, but he will rarely commit.


Game #3:  Say you’re busy, even if you aren’t.

Good Advice: Make sure you are not waiting for his call.  Keep busy in your life so you aren’t too needy.


Game #4:  Hide you real feelings; remain cool and aloof.

Good Advice:  Hold back from sharing all your feelings right away.  Make sure you allow him to see the best you (fun, happy, confident).  Be careful not to rush things and allow things to unfold, one step at a time.


Game #5:  Be and dress sexy; be everything he wants in bed.

Good advice:  Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and good about yourself.  Have sex when and if you’re ready.


Game #6:  Date around to make him jealous.

Good Advice:  Dating around can be a positive, but not with that intention in mind.  Dating around is good for you in that it frees you from being too needy for his attention and allows you to explore what you really want in a partner.


Game #7  : Don’t call a man or seem too interested.

Good advice:  Match his calls and texts.  Whatever he puts out, you return and in similar quantity.  If you decide to take the initiative and call him first, that’s fine, but don’t expect him to have a lot to say.   If he does, be pleasantly surprised.  Don’t ask a lot of questions.

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