Little Ways to Score Big Points With Your Woman

Posted on September 17, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

make woman happy. wife, girlfriendGuys, this might run contrary to what you believe – but scoring big with women doesn’t have to entail huge trips or purchases.  In fact, big purchases and gestures, though lovely, don’t even satisfy her for long.  To women, little things count.  Big time.  Moreover, so does FREQUENCY.

Here are some examples — try them out!!!

  1. When she’s talking, listen with interest.  Look at her and nod your head.  Don’t interrupt or try to solve her problems.  When she pauses, remember this magical sequence of words: “ Tell me more.”
  1. Compliment her – a meal she made, something she did around the house, for being a great mom – you really don’t have to look far, just pay attention. And for God’s sake, if she got her hair done or is wearing a new outfit, say something nice!
  1. Choose a restaurant, pick up the phone, and make a reservation. Advanced level:  research and organize a trip from front to back.
  1. Bring her a dozen of her favorite flowers. Not a full bouquet, but one at a time, every week for 12 weeks.
  1. Carry things for her. Load or unload the car before she gets to it.
  1. Hug her and show her physical affection several times a day. Have no sexual motivations when you do it.
  1. When she’s tired, offer to take care of the kids and chores. If you don’t know if she’s tired, assume she is.
  1. Offer to help without being asked. Better still, don’t offer, just jump in and do it.
  1. Leave her notes, cards and /or send her texts. No XXX content.  Love and appreciation only.
  1. Encourage her to take time to herself. And make it easy for her to do so by making it clear you will take care of the kids or other responsibilities she planned for.

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