Not-So-Obvious Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Posted on September 18, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

cheating spouse, hide laptop

Some signs are easier to spot when it comes to cheating – like sudden disinterest in sex or spending longer hours at work or the phone/ computer. But others are more subtle; elusive. Trust your intuition and observe closely:

1. Taking more showers
Taking extra showers could be “ prep work” for a rendez-vous’ or, they could be a cover-up to wash to a lover off of her. Has her showering routine changed? Is she showering every morning now, instead letting the odd day go in between? Is she taking more before bed, or claiming yet again to be sweaty from the gym” Her extra cleanliness could well NOT be out of consideration for you.

2. Trying new moves in bed
If your partner is suddenly trying out new moves and manoeuvres in bed – AND performing them with confidence — it could be a sign he learned them and is practicing them with someone else. The two of you have an established sexual dynamic in place – so compare how he’s behaving now with when the two of you tried new things in past. Does something about his demeanor strike you as odd?

3. Their response to interruptions on the computer
Spending more time on their computer is a potential sign of cheating, but less obvious is their reaction to you when you walk in the room unexpectedly. Are you greeted with super big (overcompensating) smiles? Did someone’s spine bolt up a little taller when he saw you? Did a hand lurch out to touch the monitor before resting back down on the keyboard? These reactions might be signs they’ve been “almost caught” or are hiding something.

4. Their close friends act a bit “off”
There’s a good chance your partner has told a friend or two about his affair, whether it was to confide, or to brag. There’s also a chance his friend was put in a situation where he met her. When friends of cheaters are privy to knowledge of affairs, they often give off signs of discomfort, ie, they avoid you, don’t look you in the eyes as much, they don’t ask about things at home – especially when they know they’ve been used as a cover story.
waxing, special grooming, sign of cheating

5. Waxing and tanning
More meticulous care to appearance and grooming is one thing – but when your partner suddenly insists on waxing, lasering, and tanning, it could be because someone is seeing them naked. Everything needs to be smooth, trimmed, and tidy. Those extra tanning sessions can help dry out zits that someone is self-conscious off.

6. Picking a fight as an excuse to “leave”
Frequently, a cheater will become more argumentative with her partner at home – but sometimes a big fight is exactly what she wants. An argument becomes the perfect excuse to storm off and leave the house. And guess where she’s probably heading, maybe even for the night? Sex, not conflict solving, is on her mind.

7. Dropping insults

As affairs pick up momentum, cheaters often looks at their spouses/partners with a critical eye. They’re more apt to drop insults around things that they wouldn’t have before. It could be something as simple as a barrette you chose for your hair: “What’s up with THAT?” he might condescend. Or it could be a comment on how your dress, how you cook, how you eat, how you smell – something he’d never dare attack you around before.

8. Slipping out of the house

Need something from the grocery store? Does the car need gas? Is your partner eagerly volunteering to run errands outside the house? Any time away from you provides the freedom to talk to a lover. You may find these errands take longer than normal, too (and there will be an excuse like, “Oh the line-ups were huge!”)


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