Please, Lie Beside Me, Lover, and Read

Posted on October 23, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

next partner, qualities, divorce, lover, like Fifty Shades I’ve always yearned to lie in bed beside the man I love while we read and discuss a great book.  The mere idea of this sharing feels romantic.  Deeply intimate.   In some ways, exciting.

I can’t say that any man I’ve loved or cared for thus far, including my ex-husband, was a book lover like me. They might’ve scoured the newspaper or a sports or fishing magazine.  But when it came down to reading an actual book – fiction or a non-fiction – it was discarded as ‘uninteresting’ or ‘unmanly.’

It’s not that I didn’t try – I not only recommended books, sometimes I almost begged and pleaded. But I’d hear:

“Ugghh, but it’s so big.”

Or:  “Can’t you just sum it up for me real quick?”

Or:  “Is there any sex?  Naked photos? Does anyone die?”

So I’d resort to conspicuously  placing it on their nightstands.  Unmissable. A flashing reminder:  READ ME!

Yet there they always stayed.  Intact.  Unopened.  Collecting dust.

So I capitulated and accepted.  “Many people, women included, don’t like to read,” I reminded myself.  “It’s a personal choice, Delaine.”

But you know what?

It always kinda stung.

And now…at this moment, as I think about the kinds of qualities I want in my next partner, that sentimental long-ago vision returns.  It’s not that I’m hoping for or expecting an English professor – I’ve just learned quite enough about hockey, dirt bikes, hunting and fishing.

I want the connection, the communication, the stimulation of a similar-spirited partner – on all levels.  I want attentive ears, thoughtful responses, maybe even a good debate.  I want to look over and see him entrenched, combing through the pages, as he ventures to the same place I eagerly roamed.


I yearn for a partner who loves to lie in bed and discuss a good book.

Delaine Moore

“The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom”

Like Fifty Shades of Grey

Originally published in 2010

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