“Edging” – An Amazing Sexual Technique That Makes Women Go Wild

Posted on November 8, 2016 by delaine Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail

edging, orgasm, sex, make woman nuts, Men, have you heard of the term “edging” before?  Do you want your woman to experience the most earth-shattering orgasms of her life, and look at you with stars in her eyes?

Then make sure you are well-versed and practiced at “edging.”

Edging is an artful technique that involves a man (or woman) bringing his/her partner close to the brink or “edge” of orgasm, only to back off, allow it to recede, and starting over again… and again….and again.

Of course, every time you “start over”, you’re not actually back at the starting line.  It has jumped ahead. Way ahead.  Meanwhile, the breadth and intensity of the sensations she feels not only build, they start driving her increasingly wild; her breathe changes, moans crescendo, squirms increase, and much much more…. And when you finally carry her over, her orgasm is not only explosive, she may resemble a woman undergoing an exorcism.: )

Yes, the technique of edging can be used on men’s orgasms as well.  But I’m making this article all about women.  For you see, many men *think* they know how to please their woman sexually — they’ve made her orgasm before, noticed how a particular move or series of moves “worked,” and then repeated them time and time again.  And I understand why men do this — for when it comes to MEN’s orgasms, a few specifics techniques, done well, can do the trick 99% of the time.

But such isn’t the case for women. Sometimes they can’t orgasm, don’t want to, or can’t be bothered. And although they claim that they’re “tired,” “stressed,” or “I don’t know what’s wrong with me tonight,” underneath it all, they could also be getting bored: same technique… same predictable toolkit of touches…and little to no anticipation and mental excitement for her, which are the essential “golden keys” to unlocking and unleashing female sexual desire.

Edging gives men the perfect opportunity to engage her body and mind in incredible ways — the sky is truly the limit if you use your imagination.  And for the first time in your sex life, you may discover that you can actually make your woman “beg for it.”  You can use your “power position” — that of denier (which is commonly used in Dominance and submission and all forms of BDSM) — to make her say things she hasn’t before. In fact, she may want it so bad that you can coax her to try a new,  more explicit position that she’s been too shy to try, like face down, bum up.  You could add restraints, a blindfold, a mixture of pleasure and pain, and/or whisper dirty words in her ear that serve to feed her prolonging ache and mounting pleasure. And by all means, try making the odd session “only about her” — don’t demand “your turn” before she can go to sleep.  Let her savor the experience and the blissful chemicals that have flooded her body and brain.

Try these ideas and trust me, guys, your chances increase of having your woman looking at you with stars in her eyes. And as you hold her close and smooth her hair, you’ll feel like “the man” in a way you never have before.


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