About the Movie


The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom is a Lifetime Movie based on Delaine Moore’s memoir, which stars Ashley Jones (as Delaine), Alex Carter (as The Duke), and Cynthia Preston (as Hali). Now playing on Lifetime and other networks.

Synopsis: Newly-divorced mother of two, Delaine Morris, finds healing and empowerment through online dating and sexual exploration with a sexual Dominant.


Ashley Jones plays “Delaine”


Alex Carter plays “The Duke”


hot divorced mom, Ashley Jones plays Delaine Moore in the Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom

Delaine and her kids, played by Sonia Maria Chirila, Ashley Jones, and Evan Brzozowski








Here are some photos from when I got to visit the film set:

on film set, Lifetime, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom

Delaine, Ashley Jones, and screenwriter Christine Conradt

movie changed story, two kids instead of three, film set of BDSM movie

On set with my “two kids” (in real life, I have three!)

filming book to movie, Delaine Moore's sexy book, better than fifty shades darker, real true, Dominant, BDSM

Was very cool to see my name on a trailer! It’s for Ashley, not me.