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Remember: You Are NOT Your “Story”; Dating After Divorce

Posted on 10/25/16 by delaine
identity crisis divorce, dating, how to date after divorcing

My divorced girlfriend Marie was heading out on a date —  a fourth date, which was a super big deal to her. But as we spoke beforehand over the phone, she was practically in a tizzy: “I really do like this guy, Delaine. But the timing is completely horrid. My life is a a total mess and […]

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Getting Naked For The First Time After Divorce

Posted on 10/24/16 by delaine
performance issues, first time naked, sex

After being with same person for many years, the idea of having sex with someone new can feel both exciting and downright terrifying — almost as much as losing your virginity!  But rest assured, your fears and jitters are normal and common.  Let’s climb on top of them right now. Fear: “But I’m older, saggier and […]

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Casual Sex: 6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Naked

Posted on 09/27/16 by delaine
casual sex after divorce and break up

1. What’s fueling your horniness? Your hormones may be screaming and a hot passionate romp may be what you *think* you need. But if you’ve recently gone through a period of stress, i.e., you were cheated on, or your marriage or serious relationship collapsed, your sexual desire might be fueled by a need for validation, […]

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I Was Snared By A Catfish: Beware The Warning Signs

Posted on 09/19/16 by delaine
catfish, scammers online, how to tell, is he real?, divorced women prey

A male friend of mine said the other day that he thinks people have to be “pretty stupid” to be snared by a catfish (in case you haven’t heard this term it means “an online phony”).  He said that the signs and warnings are obvious — so really, if someone gets duped, shame on him/her. […]

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Dating Games Women Play That Don’t Work

Posted on 09/17/16 by delaine
stupid games women play while dating

Some games women play while dating may seem wise and to be based on nuggets of truth — but at the core, they serve to justify deception instead of building authenticity and love; they’re similar yet worlds apart.  Let’s turn the games into good advice:   Game #1: Don’t return his calls and he’ll want […]

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