Dating Coaching


Are you single, but would rather not be?  Do you keep attracting the wrong kind of partner?  Do things ‘fizzle out’ before they even have a chance to get off the ground?  Are you trying to bring your relationship to the next level?

As one of Canada’s leading online dating coaches I’ll give you the insider tips, skills and strategies to make dating – online or off – work for you. We’ll take a look at your dating patterns, what it is that you really want in a relationship, and figure out how you can get it:

There are very real scientific differences between what men and women want from a relationship – and these ‘wants’ are driving forces during the dating dance.  We’ll take all the steps to ensure that you not only attract the right kind of partner, but that you don’t unknowingly stomp on his toes –  the dance can be most unforgiving and superficial.  Have no doubt about it, if sashaying up the aisle is your ultimate goal, this dance is still in effect.  So we’ll look at the different reasons men and women decide to get married, among many other things, to figure out how you can produce the outcome you want.

Today, more than ever, men and women are confused and frustrated with each other.  Gender roles are blurred, miscommunication abounds, and finding, connecting with, and committing to him/her seem elusive to many. But the good news is men and women are perfectly made for each other; Mr/Mrs Right can be found in the deep dark trenches and relationships CAN be taken to the next stage of commitment.   But to do so, you need to update our dating skills and your knowledge and understanding of the opposite sex.  And as your dating coach I can help unravel the mystery and help you get the results you want.