Divorce Coaching


Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging life crises you’ll face. How do you pick yourself back up again when your family dream is in shambles?  How do you “get it together and move on” like your brain says, when your heart is stuck in sadness, anger or grief?  On top of that you may have to deal with financial issues, a legal battle, and managing the effects of the divorce on the children…

And it doesn’t end there: What if you have to change jobs or reenter the workforce?  What about changes in your social life?  What about daring to (gulp) date again?  Where do you even begin to start, given the enormity of the heap on top of you?

The reality is that although friends and family may do their best to help you during this time, they oftentimes don’t have the personal experiences or expertise to relate, support and guide you in the ways you need.  Sometimes they unknowingly judge you for your thoughts and actions as well; one MORE thing sitting on top of you.

Divorce is an area that I not only have personal experience in, but that I specialize in with my coaching.   You’ll never have to censor yourself, and you’ll have someone beside you who not only empathizes, but who can simultaneously support you through the grieving AND reconstruction process; you have to do both.  It requires both healing and rebuilding so that you can move on with an OPEN HEART and eventually find love again.   The Mars Venus principles we’ll use will not only help you work through your grief, but forever change the way you think about relationships.

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