Sex & Relationship Coaching


Is communication a serious problem in your relationship? Do you want to be more emotionally and sexually connected?  Are you feeling increasingly hurt, distant and isolated…or are anger and resentment wearing away at your bonds?

Through relationship coaching you’ll be amazed at the results your relationship yields as we zoom in on your issues and explore the scientific differences between the sexes.   More often than not, the real issues are not ones of love or respect but miscommuncation; for the sexes communicate differently and share their needs differently.

Something I regularly hear said about the Mars Venus principles is that they’re incredibly accurate. When I start to share the gender dynamics that are taking place within the relationship, both men and women not only have light-bulb ‘aha’ moments, they’re relieved to know their issue is very common – and one that can be resolved.  People often joke that they finally understand why their partners, and the opposite sex in general, sometimes seem to speak a different language – because they do.

Even if you’re in a relationship that is going very well, finding out and learning more about how the sexes communicate differently can help you and your partner iron out the smaller arguments you’re having, which often, over time, lead to the big ones.  Moreover, in learning about what the thoughts and needs of the opposite sex, the two of you grow closer, confidence in the relationship increases, and overall happiness and well-being soar.

Sex is another subject that oftentimes becomes an ‘issue’ among couples.  Boredom, disappointment, lack of intimacy, lack of  sexual fulfillment, feelings of rejection – you’ll be amazed at what roles ‘expectations’ and miscommunication play in their creation.   If you’re frustrated or have given up on a satisfying sex life, take heart: coaching gives great information, encouragement, and hope in allowing all those feelings you had for your spouse when you were newly married, to return.

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