Ever Feel Like You’re Talking to an Alien?


Even if you haven’t heard of John Gray’s book,  Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, you probably grasp the inference behind the phrase ‘Mars Venus’ – that is, sometimes talking to a member of the opposite sex can feel like talking to an alien!

John Gray’s paradigm of two separate, equal, but very different species – who misunderstand each other endlessly as they try to bond/coexist – is now being conclusively supported by scientific research into the human brain. Today, his philosophies are needed more than ever as relationships and gender roles are seized by a turmoil never experienced before.

The Mars Venus approach does not set out to prove one sex is better than the other, merely that both sexes are different, despite modern society and political correctness trying to assert we are the same.  Initially, some of the Mars Venus points of view may sound like gender stereotypes – but when we delve a little deeper, not only does the scientific explanation speak for itself, we experience “aha!” moments (“so THAT”S why he/she does that), further mixed with feelings of empowerment and even relief.

Of course, everyone is different and this model isn’t about shoving us into molds.  It’s possible for any male or female to be made up of a mixture of male and female traits.   The Mars Venus perspective does not tell you what you are, nor does it force you into either category – rather it asks you and challenges you to make the decision yourself.

Also, keep in mind that some of the things that women need, men need too – and vice versa.  But with an awareness that something may be ten times more important to a woman than to a man, for example, a new bridge of understanding is constructed between the sexes and more effective ways  of communicating, living together and honoring one another can be achieved.

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