Gender Based Selling Workshop


About The Course

The Mars Venus Gender Based Sales Training Program delivers the skills you need to leverage the differences between the way men and women process information and make decisions.

Everyone knows that men and women are wired differently. Often called the Battle Between the Sexes, it’s really no battle at all. It’s simply a natural biological difference in the functioning of the brains of men and women. Whether you are a man selling to women, or a woman selling to men, these biological differences form a barrier to sales. This program delivers the skills you need to tailor your sales presentation to the opposite sex.

What’s Included in this Two Day Workshop

Six Training Modules that deliver everything you need to master gender and generational-based selling.

Gender Based Intelligence

Science recognizes men and women perceive and react to situations differently. Successful businesses recognize men and women make buying decisions differently. We now know these differences aren't stereotypes or created by environment; they originate from differences in the way male and female brains function.

Our workshop will start by presenting research done by John Gray Ph.D. in the field of gender intelligence which highlights and explains the differences in male/female decision-making. The workshop continues by examining in depth these important areas:

    What is gender-based intelligence?

  • • Why is gender intelligence important in a sales organization?
  • • How does gender interplay impact sales closing ratios?
  • • What can you do to use this knowledge to gain a competitive advantage?

Participants will learn critically important facts, understand the implications of that information and develop strategies for using this data to obtain a competitive advantage in a highly competitive environment. Participants will learn how specific physiological and psychological realities affect the sales process. For example, the larger bridge connecting the left and right hemispheres in women's brains means women can process more information and do it more quickly than can their male counterparts. While men focus intently on one task at a time, women are fractal thinkers and frequently multitask. Participants of this workshop understand how to apply that information to sales: successful sales efforts to men require presenting facts and getting to the point quickly, while successful sales to women include time to talk, identify common interests, relate to personal issues -- in essence, to "bond" -- first, prior to beginning any sales effort.

Equipped with this information and countless other similar data points, a successful salesperson will understand gender-based buying traits and how to use them to the salesperson's advantage.

The Power Of DISC Profiling In Interpersonal Communication With Your Clients

In this module, you will learn to recognize your personality strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how adjusting the way you think and behave can match your prospect's expectations and then help form the connection that leads to successful sales.

Over 40 million people have used DISC profiling to assess their own communication styles (also called Behavioral Models) and to understand the traits that hold them back from communicating better with clients. A DISC Profile analysis is included in this module.

DISC works on a principle that each one of us displays a combination of four basic traits:

D is the Dominating side of our personality

I is the Inspiring side of our personality

S is the supporting side of our personality

C is the cautious side of our personality

In this module you will learn to recognize your own combination of styles that come into play during various points in the sales process.

Because we all relate better to people who communicate in "our" way -- the way we are most comfortable -- learning to adjust the way you think and behave to match that of your prospect is a fast and easy way to improve your relationship with your prospect.

Understanding your DISC profile and your ability to recognize and identify the DISC profile of your prospect will help improve communication significantly. That improved communication will lead to increased trust and sales.

Why Men Are From Mars And Women Are From Venus

When Dr. Gray introduced his seminal book in the early 1990's it struck certain "a ha" chords -- perceptions that seem so intuitively correct when we read them we cannot imagine why we never thought of it. The book became an instant best seller and has sold more copies than any other book except the Bible.

In this module, you will learn how to take the relationship model one step further, leveraging it into business successes by using your new understanding of interpersonal dynamics and communication to form, strengthen and expand relationships and the sales that flow from those relationships.

This module is based upon the gender relationship philosophy introduced in Dr. Gray's "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," but applied to a sales environment.

The module presents advanced gender modeling techniques and teaches participants to identify gender nuances that could be hurting client acquisition and retention.

Participants are encouraged to bring live client case studies, pass them through the gender sensitivity filter and return to work with strategies to interact with existing and potential customer's more successfully, resulting in developing, expanding and closing more sales.

How To Incorporate The Generation Element Into The Generation Based Selling

One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson makes is to try using the same sales techniques when trying to sell to prospects from different generations.

It is indisputable that each generation of clients (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y) have widely varying buying styles. Without an in-depth understanding of how each generation thinks and buys, a salesperson will easily lose business opportunities or worse, totally alienate existing clients.

    In this module, participants will learn how to enhance their order closing ratios by identifying generational differences in the following categories:

  • • Work ethics and values for each generation;
  • • Motivators for each generation;
  • • Earning and spending style for each generation;
  • • Buying style for each generation;
  • • Decision making style for each generation;
  • • Identifiable likes and dislikes for each generation;
  • • Communication styles and differences for each generation;
  • • What not to say to a particular generation;
  • • What each generation relates to that will make them happy and want to work with you; and
  • • Interaction styles for each generation

How to use gender intelligence during each step of your sales process

Simply put, men and women buy differently. Whether it is weekend shopping for clothing, periodic grocery shopping or major purchases made for large corporations, those differences emerge quickly.

Recognizing and understanding those disparities leads to a significant advantage for the sophisticated salesperson.

As women now share equally important roles in the workplace, it is imperative that salespeople understand the variations in buying styles for each gender. Yet understanding the differences is only part of the solution: gender interplay can quickly becomes highly complex when selling to working couples or purchasing committees comprised of both genders.

In this module a participant will learn advanced gender modeling techniques that will be applied to each of the steps in the sales process using our unique Sales Process Continuum Methodology.

Gender nuances are just that: subtle. They can also be quite tricky. For example, one of the more than 100 techniques taught in this module is that a salesperson should provide quick answers to a certain type of male client while never providing immediate answers to a certain type of female client.

Understanding these gender differences will help a salesperson generate additional business -- but what happens if your target includes one of each type? Each participant is encouraged to bring to the workshop information relating to between five and ten current live prospects. In the workshop, the participant will work with other participants and the trainer to develop a gender ready sales plan to implement upon returning to work at the conclusion of the workshop.

This module delivers core material you need to sell effectively to both genders. The material in this module is why you signed up for this workshop. Now that you have the foundational knowledge underlying the content of this module, you can take this information and use it to secure an advantage in highly competitive sales environments.

How To Manage Stress At Home So You Can Come Back The Next Day And Sell Better

Understanding gender intelligent sales will lead to success at work. Yet even success brings stress. This final module provides you the tools you'll need to handle and defuse stress, as discussed in Dr. Gray's most recent book, "Why Mars and Venus Collide."

Men and women handle stress in completely different ways. The differences in the way we handle stress can often lead to friction in relationships, both at work and at home.

What You’ll Discover:

The 3 Pillars of Mars Venus Gender Based Selling