Practicing “Safe Stress”

When you come home from a full day at work, lots of chores still to do, are you furious to find him sitting in front of the TV?

Do you wonder why she seemingly rambles on and on about everything, but won’t listen to your well-intentioned advice?

Does he/she make you even more stressed out than you were before?

The burdens of work, child-rearing, credit card debt, commuting – plus the rising costs of housing and food, have stamped us with a huge pricetag: the diminishing health of our marriages or romantic relationships. We are too tired and too busy to meet/maintain our partners’ emotional and physical needs, which in turn creates further pressure leading to fights, emotional separation, and often times, divorce.

The scariest thing?  Most couples aren’t aware of how its culmination is eating away at their relationships.

Men and women react differently to stress because of proven chemical and physiological differences within our bodies. But without understanding the behaviours of the opposite sex while under stress, further misunderstanding can result.

Delaine’s “Safe Stress” workshop is a fun, yet highly informative look at stress, including:

  • The negative affects of adrenaline and cortisol.
  • Why men and women respond to stress differently.
  • Practical ideas that can help men and women reduce stress for each other and themselves.
  • The role of testosterone and oxytocin in reducing stress.

This is a great workshop for individuals or couples alike.

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