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Unfortunately, An Ex Sometimes Requires The Strong Arm of the Law to Behave

Posted on 11/23/16 by delaine
legal action, divorce. ex pay child spousal support

Dealing with an ex can sometimes feel like dealing with a child: You give and give and give — you explain things kindly over and over again. Yet still he/she doesn’t get it.  And although it’s unfortunate and not at all what we want to do, sometimes we need to take legal action in order […]

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Resentment Towards My Ex Flows Through My Body Like Lava

Posted on 10/21/15 by delaine
resent ex-husband, resentment divorce

From the archives of I Am Divorced Not Dead: Originally posted in 2019 At three and a half years into my divorce, I no longer feel like I’m mourning my marriage.  The grief, the fear, the heartache of betrayal  – they lie behind me now, serving as sources of strength and wisdom, not pain. But getting over my marriage […]

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